Let’s Crush Cancer Together!

Did you know the easiest way to improve your health and wellness is by drinking tea!  Tea is one of the most studied anti-cancer plants on our planet and consuming a little tea can go a long way in adding health benefits.  Hot brew, cold brew, matcha and even adding tea to your food!  Maria Uspenski presents a three week plan to help you ease into a 5-cup a day tea habit streamlined for real life in her new book “Cancer Hates Tea”.

“Simple Green Tea Cold Brew” Recipe


  • 32 oz Mason Jar
  • Filtered water (the better the water, the better your tea will taste!)
  • Tea Ball or similar Steeping Accessory
  • Tea Traveler


  • 2 oz Green Tea Leaves


  • Fill tea ball, tea bag or similar steeping accessory with green tea.
  • Fill mason jar with filtered water, leaving room for the tea ball so not to overflow.
  • Add tea ball to mason jar with filtered water.
  • Place mason jar in refrigerator.- Pat yourself on the back for taking a step in improving your health & wellness!


  • Overnight.


  • 30+ oz of Wellness you can sip all day!


  • Fill up your favorite Tea Traveler for on the go!
For a faster steep:  In a small jar, pour 6 oz of 175F (80C) over tea,  steep for 5 minutes, combine with 32 oz mason jar filled with filtered water.  *Keep in mind, you will need to remove some of the filtered water in the 32 oz Mason Jar to make room for your 6 oz of fast steep tea & tea ball, however, you can always add more filtered water back if you take out too much the first time.



~Rex Theater Tea Co.